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" The Plugs earbuds are great!! They have clarity, bass and pitch. I recommend these earbuds 5 stars . "

- Judy S.


" The headphones have really good sound quality and fit well. Very good for working out or daily activities. "

- Emohn A.


" These are so good, I love them! "

- Seth D.


" These earbuds are well built. I normally don't like wireless earbuds as I prefer the wired ones but these are very comfortable in my ears. The sound quality is crystal clear with great noise cancelling ability. They also come with a charging case. I highly recommend The Plugs for your every day listening enjoyment. "

- Janet A.


I ordered the black pair and they are super easy to operate and charge quickly. The sound quality is amazing and there is no static or interruption. They fit nicely in my ears, I highly recommend The Plugs!!

Ellen E.

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