Meet The Team

LB "The PLUG" Askew - Owner

It's actually kind of crazy how we got here. I work with a lot legendary artists and actually I created The Plugs brand for a licensing deal I had for one of the artists I work with to release headphones. I've always been considered a "Plug" or a go to person when people need something and that's how that came about.

I researched all aspects of the business to make sure I had some sort of understanding of how the business works and make sure I was negotiating a fair deal. That deal ended up not happening and since I had done so much leg work on the business and industry I decided to take that leap of faith and I started my own company (Emrgnt Technologies) and actually release the earbuds myself.

I've always had a passion for technology rather it's cell phones, wireless audio products, or computers. The Plugs was the perfect way to begin to explore that passion and is just the first phase. So not only will you get high quality products but you will also get a lot of perks from the social influencers we partner with as well. We have a lot of things in the pipeline so be on the look out.


Terrance T. Adams - VP

Terrance comes with a wealth of knowledge. He has over 18 years of experience in finance, tax, accounting and has held numerous positions in the financial industry. He holds a MBA in Finance from Howard University and a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning from Cleary University. 




Allan Kalisz - CIO

Allan brings over 10 years of music industry related experience to the team. He has a passion for music and new technology.

Allan graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelors degree in Business Management as well as a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems. He also obtained his Masters degree in Construction Management from the University of Alabama-Birmingham.


 Quincy Lewis - Head Of Marketing

Quincy has handled social media accounts for clients such as Xfinity and General Motors and brings 5 years plus of social media marketing and strategy experience.

A child of hip-hop and a student of technology, Quincy uses the skills he garnered from earning a BA in Communications from Wayne State University to connect businesses with engaged audiences and encourage sales and community building.